If you are encountering an issue with changing the logging interval of your device follow these steps for a solution.  

The behaviour you may be experiencing is that you set the logging interval, you see the confirmation message in your app but the device appears to be storing logs at the old interval setting, not the new interval setting.  This may occur if the firmware version of your device is 16.

1.    Check the firmware version of your device

In the Tempo Plus 2 app go to the device from your list and select it which takes you to the Device Settings screen.  Go to the Commands by pushing the Send button.

In the Command box enter "Info" and then hit return or OK.

After a few seconds a "Device Response" message will appear and this will show your firmware version (Note it is the 'Sub ver no' you need to look at).  If this shows 16.0.0 as it does in the image below, follow the next steps to change the logging interval.  If your version DOES NOT say 16.0.0 and you are having an issue changing your logging interval please raise a ticket with our support desk who can further assist you.

2.    Changing the logging interval if your device has firmware 16.0.0

Change the logging interval in the app as normal, and wait until you get the confirmation message from the device with the new logging interval.

Next, turn the device off then back on.  This essentially reboots the device.  The device should now be logging at the correct frequency.  To turn the device off press and hold the coloured surface for 6 seconds and see the LED rapidly blink, then to turn on press the coloured surface and see the LED blink once.

3.    Get your device replaced with one with new firmware

We understand that some users want to be able to change the logging frequency several times and that turning the device off/on each time is inconvenient.  We will gladly swap your device with a new one if this is not the ideal solution for you.  Just get in contact with us, by raising a ticket for example, and we will organise.

Blue Maestro Team.