It should be simple, right?

When you first get your Tempo Disc or Pebble device, download the app and turn it on you expect to see your device  straight away.  It is actually designed to be that simple and for the vast majority of users it is.  However for a small number of users it may not be and if you happen to be one of these we set out a series of steps that you may need to go through to get your device to appear.

1.    Have you downloaded the correct app?

The current app for Tempo Disc or Pebble is 'Tempo Plus 2' and is available on both Google Play and the App Store.  There may be other Blue Maestro apps such as Tempo Utility and Tempo Plus, however these are no longer supported and should not be used.  They are left available to support older devices.

2.    Do you have Bluetooth turned on?

This sounds obvious, but please do check.  It is not unusual for some Android devices to enter low power mode if their battery is low and turn Bluetooth off.  By the way, do not be alarmed if you see that your Tempo Disc or Pebble device is not paired with your phone.  This is normal as they are designed not to require pairing.  This enables Tempo Disc or Pebble to have many different users simultaneous.

3.    Have you turned the device on?

Because Tempo Disc has no obvious on/off button it is common that users will not realise that it needs to be turned on to operate.  While this is written on a small card contained in the packaging, it can be overlooked.  See this article on how to turn Tempo Disc on correctly.  Importantly you should see a green LED through the vents in the enclosure when pressing the Tempo Disc button.  If you do not see a green LED then this indicates that the battery may need to be changed.

4.    Did you accept the permission requests when you opened up the app?

 When you open the app for the first time it will ask you for permission for certain functions.  The primary one is Location Services.  The app does not track your location and nor do we.  But for certain Bluetooth functionality it is required, since Bluetooth can theoritically be used to track your location (i.e., using beacon technology).  If you do not agree the permission or click the wrong button by mistake, such that permission is not given, then the Bluetooth part of the app may not work and you will not be able to see your devices.

If you are not sure whether you gave the correct permission, the best way to proceed is to delete the app and reinstall it.  It will then ask for permission once more.

5.    Rescan for devices in the app

Upon opening the app, it should scan for nearby devices.  However in a small number of instances it may be necessary to press the rescan button at the top right of the Home Screen to rescan.