1.    Download the latest app (as of May 2020 - Tempo Plus 2)

Firstly please ensure that you have downloaded the latest app.  The latest app for the Tempo Disc and Pebble ranges of devices is 'Tempo Plus 2' and is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.  It is available in 6 languages, English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.  The best way to find it is to search for 'Tempo Plus 2' or 'Blue Maestro' in the search bar of the app store.  It is recognisable by this icon:

There are other Blue Maestro apps that may be available on Google Play and the App Store (such as Tempo Utility, Tempo Plus and others).  These should not be used and are no longer supported.  They have been left available on the app stores to support older devices.

2.    Accept permissions

The app will ask you to give your permission for certain features to work.  For example Location Services.  While the app does not track your location, it is required by Apple for apps that use Bluetooth since Bluetooth is able to be used to track your location.  If you do not accept permissions the app may not function.

3.    Ensure Bluetooth is turned on

The app ought to detect automatically whether your Bluetooth is turned on or off, and if it detects that Bluetooth is turned off should prompt you to turn it on.  Sometimes this does not work, especially with some models of Android device for reasons that are specific to the manufacturer of that Android device.  If you are not sure whether Bluetooth is turned on or off, go to the settings on your phone and check that Bluetooth is turned on.

NOTE:  The device does not appear as a 'paired' device in your Bluetooth list.  It is a feature of the Blue Maestro range of devices that no pairing is required, which leaves greater flexibility to have many users of the same device.  

4.    Ensure your device is turned on

Both Tempo Disc and the Pebble range of Bluetooth sensors and data loggers have on/off buttons.  For the Tempo Disc devices, the button is represented by the coloured surface, which is typically blue for temperature, humidity and dew point devices, red for just temperature devices and purpose for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point devices.  Hold the device between thumb and forefinger and press firmly down.  You should feel the coloured surface depress slightly.  The device will generally not click, and this is normal.  On the under-side of the Tempo Disc there are a series of 5 vents in the plastic enclosure where a green LED is located.  When pressing the device and turning it on, the green LED should blink 3 times.  If the device was already on when the button is pressed the green LED should blink just once.  Note in bright light the LED can be difficult to see and you may have to shade it with your hand.

For the Pebble the button is located on the underside and it should give a clicky feeling when pressed.  In one of the three vents on the underside, an LED is situated and will blink 3 times when the device is turned on, or only once if the device was already turned on.  Shade the vents with your hand to make seeing the LED easier.

IMPORTANT:  For the Tempo Disc, please avoid using excessive force to depress the button.  The device should turn on with a firm squeeze between thumb and forefinger.  Excessive force could damage the underlying button and/or the PCB and should be avoided.

5.    Scan for your device

Next go to the 'Local List' screen of your app.  Your devices that are switched on and that are in range should automatically appear.  If they do not press the 'Rescan' button on the top right of the screen and to restart a scan.  Your device should then appear.