Repository for SDK

The Android App SDK can be found here Bitbucket-Android-SDK.  


We call this an SDK even though it is a repository of the code base of a fully functioning app.  We leave the code to speak for itself although at the heart of it is only a few methods that are critical.  

For medium to advanced Android Developers

Some API may have become, or will shortly become, deprecated so this SDK is for medium to advanced level developers only.  If you are at a beginner level you may find it more of a challenge to deftly extract the most relevant sections of code you need and import them into your project.  

Moving forward

For app development Blue Maestro utilises the Angular framework for both iOS and Android.  We also use Angular for our desktop apps, although it is a different app to those for iOS and Android.  We no longer develop our own apps under iOS and Android separately.  The technology in iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and the Angular framework now mean one code base developed under Angular is able to run under both iOS and Android and users would not notice it was not developed natively.

If you need help

We ask that any questions or support you may need in relation to this are posted in the Forums so either a Blue Maestro team member or someone else in the community can assist you.  Also it aids others in the community if they have the same questions or issues as you.

Blue Maestro Team