Repository for SDK

The iOS App SDK can be found here GitHub-iOS-SDK.  This has been prepared in Objective-C and is a few years old, but the underlying code in relation to parsing Bluetooth advertisement data and communicating with Blue Maestro Bluetooth Sensors and Data Loggers remains sound.  The entire code is effectively lifted from one of our early Tempo apps, so it represents a fully functioning app although at today's iOS version certain parts of it will likely need to be refactored to get it to compile and run as a standalone app.  Our apps have moved on and we no longer make the whole source code available, and in a way we couldn't if we wanted to, since some of the code we use is under license from the likes of HighCharts which now provides the underlying code base that manages graphing.


We refer to this repository as an SDK even though it is more properly considered the entire code base of a fully functioning app.  We leave the code to speak for itself although at the heart of it is only a few methods that are critical.  Because Objective-C is a language which is being overtaken by others in relation to the development of iOS apps we have chosen not to provide a living document next to it.  For this reason this SDK is not for beginner developers, since it requires someone who can read code and follow the methods to get to the heart of the communication calls.  However once there the methods are generally discrete and ought to be lifted straight into your own project.

For medium to advanced iOS Developers

Some API used in this repository may have, or will shortly, become, deprecated, so this SDK is for medium to advanced level developers only.  If you are at a beginner level you may find it more of a challenge to deftly extract the most relevant sections of code you need and import them into your project.  

Moving forward

For app development Blue Maestro utilises the Angular/Ionic framework for both iOS and Android.  We also use Angular for our desktop apps, although it is a different app to those for iOS and Android.  We no longer develop our own apps under iOS and Android separately.  The technological advances in iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, browsers and the Angular framework now mean one code base developed under Angular is able to run under both iOS and Android and users would not notice it was not developed natively.  This significantly speeds up development time and reduces cost, both in terms of initial deployment and ongoing maintenance.  We will shortly release code snippets that are typescript base for Angular/Ionic that will show how to communicate with our devices under these frameworks.  We also hope to provide tutorials that show the steps required to go from zero to a an app that is scanning and parsing advertisement packets in the near future.

If you need help

We ask that any questions or support you may need in relation to this are posted in the Forums so either a Blue Maestro team member or someone else in the community can assist you.  Also it aids others in the community if they have the same questions or issues as you.